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  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on SDS, please hear us out!


    So if you didn't put any talent, money, or time into the game, you weren't rewarded.

    ... fine with me.

    Comment by SaveFarris 2/12/2018 2:28PM
    It's fine with me too. My comment was for the person that I replied to, in that there was no way ny career stubs would pay for all the ls players.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on SDS, please hear us out!

    Sure...I'd like to see a little overhaul to the ticket counter ....I mean, they couldn't make a rookie Trout card?   Just one example, don't waste your time trying to roast me.                              But, just from My Career alone, if ya save the stubs up, you earn enough to buy almost every live card in the game.     I'm assuming 18 will be the same so....grind and save.

    Comment by lostdragon39 2/12/2018 12:53PM
    No you don't, not even close to it. If you're not great, didn't spend extra, or worked the market, you have almost no chance at completing collections.

    You get I believe 23000 stubs per my career category (this includes the dynasty phase). That over 17 career missions gives you 391000 stubs, which isn't even close to being able to complete collections.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on 99 PS Eddie Murray or 99 IV Joey Votto

    I'll take McCovey at the plate over either of them; It might be I hit better left-handed, but I would start him over Bagwell also.

    If I had to choose between Murray and Votto, I would take Murray for his switch hitting abilities. Maybe I should have given Votto more abs (got about 50 or 60 in the finest program), but he didn't have as much power as I wanted.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on 95 Chipper Jones/ 99 Chipper MLB 18 Ticket Counter?

    Didn't care for the ticket counter at all this year. I might be forgetting someone, but it seems to that only Beltran and Sale were end game caliber type players, as opposed to the numerous ones they had last year.

    Another issue is that once career missions and programs were gone it was really hard to make tickets, unlike last year where you had a 25 ticket bonus for using qualified captain's players.

    I want to see a heck of a lot more than just Chipper, and I would like to see the return of ls players to the counter.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Anybody trying to sell a PotM Jose Ramirez?


    I feel like that ones been sitting there since June. The 3 that sold yesterday were the most expensive that had been sold in ages. Not even 2 weeks ago, it was only going for around 125. I feel like 206 is fair, I’d pay an upwards to 250

    Comment by teecozee 2/ 7/2018 12:16PM
    There are less of those cards than what there were. It may not sell for 500, but they are just going to get more expensive the rarer they get. You might just want to write this one off, or work the market hard. Heck, I paid 500 for the camo gloves on my other account but that was the last thing I needed and I didn't care about the stubs.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Anybody trying to sell a PotM Jose Ramirez?

    You're in luck; there's one up for sale for 500. Expensive but someone will pay it, at least until another one drops. That or the seller really needs the stubs, and drops their price.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on If you pre-order because of babe ruth, you're part of the problem.

    Babe or no Babe, I am still going to pre-order. This game may have a few issues, but I love it anyway.

    Besides, Babe may be like Williams; great at the plate, but not someone you actually want to put in the of.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Rajai Davis (PS) Card

    Thanks for the advice. I completed the Rays and have the Upton. I had the Brock awhile back, wasn't really using him at all so like an idiot I quick sold him, figured I was already done with the Postseason programs until they released the Finest program. Like the idea of subbing a good base stealer and doing a double steal, never thought about that. Looking like it will just have to be a grind between stealing with Upton and being lucky enough to get into the situation where I can try the double steal. Thanks again for the suggestions.

    Comment by CTsdjr0819 2/ 3/2018 9:52PM
    Memo to 18; never quick sell anything you can't get back. 5000 measly stubs is all you got for him, something that can be easily made in the market.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Please, please, PLEASE...



    Dear Forum Police (tender),

    You and others in this game are always complaining/requesting to make this game easier.  


    The OP is only posting because of one his missions is taking to long for his liking.  I am simply stating that his alternative idea would come with some type of scaled stamina that would have effect on his SP.  I don’t think being able to choose your SP vs. CPU is a good idea and in turn SDS will probably just make the missions harder to complete. 



    Comment by dfent12 1/25/2018 9:51AM
    You completely miss the point. I am going to get my pitcher to come up irregardless, what I am asking is to save me the aggravation of continually having to quit out. You might want to play out meaningless games vs the cpu, but I certainly do not.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Please SDS allow us to pick our SP in play vs CPU in 18

    All star, breakout, rookie, veteran, it doesn’t matter, all programs have some sort of missions for pitchers, you would need to have 5 in the rotation for any program, it’s not just the cpu missions. You’ve obviously finished thee other programs so it’s not an issue to you but now your wanting to finish this as quick as possible. I get it, I also get why it is the way it is in the game and personally I don’t mind it. It drags the game out a little or you’ll need to spend stubs to fill the rotation. And at this point I’m assuming you have everything else finished soooo I don’t know how you don’t have a 5 man all star rotation. I mean you need 50 AL and NL to get utley anyways.

    Comment by jmcdonald1817 2/ 3/2018 10:37AM
    It doesn't drag it out at all, other than all the damn quits it takes to get the pitcher(s) you want to come up. Vs cpu you should always be able to pick your pitcher. It's taken as long as 20 minutes or more of quitting to get the right pitcher, which is a crock. Just let me pick my pitcher right off the bat, because he's going to pitch for me anyway.

    over 2 years ago