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  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Anybody ever see this?


    The player who did this goes by Aqua. He figured out a glitch to obtain Chipper and still keep Pepe and he decided to make his CAP Pujols. What you saw wasn't a glitch, the player glitches it.

    Comment by FluffyCow72 3/ 3/2018 9:33PM
    Wasn't a glitch on his part, but rather on SDS. If I recall correctly he got Pepe for the 100% reward, then did the seven missions and gained another one. SDS then patched this out, or else we would all have one. Frankly they should have just let it alone, as I would have loved to have Chipper too.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Anybody else hate the new rating system?

    Don’t like it myself for various reasons. Will obviously give it a chance, but it doesn’t even look like a good move from a business standpoint on SDS behalf, not sure why they seemingly want to depress the in game market when it provides income throughout the year.


     As they’re fond of saying “we set the market prices when we buy and sell”. Let’s see if there’s as many 500k orders for a 96 OVR Trout this time around with no epic locked behind him and way more elite players available by simply playing and not spending a penny.

    Comment by Sweedy1407 3/ 3/2018 4:38PM
    More than likely Vlad is locked behind all collect. He destroys left handers, pretty good contact and some pop against right handers, and has an absolute cannon for an arm. Trout may or may not be 500, but he won't be cheap.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on New Ball Physics and What You need to know!


    i don't care about the down votes bro, I was just trying to be more active in the community but after this response i just don't wanna be a part of it. These are the "Elite" heaven forbid someone new could contribute something.

    Comment by GrizzBear55 3/ 3/2018 10:22AM
    If you got an opinion put it out. I stopped caring what others thought about me many years ago.

    I don't really think of myself as being a part of a community, too much of a lone wolf for that. I read what I want, and post what I want.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on New Ball Physics and What You need to know!

    That's okay i will not post anymore i will leave the forums to you know it alls. Congratulations for running another fan of the game away from the forums. 

    @Sonysandiegostudio let this be a tell tell sign of the people you listen too when changing the game they feel threatened when someone has a different viewpoint of the game and if they don't like it they run them off of the forums so their voice can't be heard. 

    Good luck with future games and hope your forums are a more welcoming place than it was for me. Do whatever you want with this thread i really don't care. I am not trying to impress anyone was just trying to make the game better or even perhaps understand it better. 

    Comment by GrizzBear55 3/ 3/2018 9:58AM
    Dude, it's pretty lame if you can be run off a forum. I can understand it somewhat if it's a physical confrontation and the guy is a lot bigger than you. That's a fight or flight response to the altercation, but fleeing a message board that's just wow.

    And yeah, I get downvoted all the time.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Why SDS?

    Why? Dollars & cents, that's "WHY". Idiots spending 500,000 stubs on a single player! that's WHY! I'm so done with this game. 

    Comment by Bellwetherr 3/ 3/2018 9:58AM
    Ha; I spent 500 on multiple players this year and not one of them cost me money out of pocket but rather gained through working the market. As for this year I'm not sure that it's even all that necessary to work the market outside of completion's sake, as it appears the best end game team will be immortals and they are free. It probably means no Vlad if you don't complete LS, but there might be enough immortals to fill that hole.

    I can understand your loss though, as if it were DD instead I doubt I would even play, but keep on with 17.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on 99 Vlad is Collect All LS Cards


    No, the ratings didnt change the cap is just hire. So 95 power this year is the same as 95 power last year. The people who have the over 99 rating are people they felt were being capped by 99 for example the year tony gwynn hit like .390 last year he was forced to stay at 99 contact where he probably deserved more then that. They explain it in the stream if you watch it. 

    Comment by JakeDotson10 3/ 2/2018 9:07PM
    The 99 may still be the same as last year, but it will be significantly less than 125. 99 attributes just won't be good enough for an end game team.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on It’s stream day everyone!

    where can i find the stream? appreciate it!! 17 was fun but 18 will be amazing

    Comment by x-Centaurus-x 3/ 2/2018 12:58PM
    I don't know what you are looking at, but it's right at the top in a yellow strip on my phone.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Will stubs roll over

    If they were to roll over the market would be absolutely destroyed next game.

    That being said.. go all in for 17

    Comment by DropBombs07 3/ 2/2018 9:51AM
    Can you imagine what would happen to the market for 17, if they were to roll over. You would be lucky to get 50 for a 500 card, as most people would start dumping their cards to bankroll 18. I would get rid of everything except for my starting 25, and would still be feverishly working the market to build up stubs.

    With all the stubs being brought forward, it would make this year's prices seem cheap. Trout 500 for sure, and probably Kershaw, Altuve, and Harper also.


    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Goodbye 17, see you in 23 days 18.

    Chomping at the bit to get started. No break for me though; I will be playing 17 up to the very end.

    over 2 years ago

  • Lauren82599 posted a comment on Previous mlb the show games

    let me ask this, someone said in a couple of years they'll shut off the servers to mlb 17.

    so what happens to your diamond dynasty team youve built?

    i get it, who cares youll be playing whichever is out at that time, im just curious...

    what happens if 18 is a flop and they dont produce another for a few years? maybe i want to play 17 for a couple years?? is the diamond team ive spent money on and built gone??

    or am i missing something as to they mean when the servers go off, you cant play it online but keep the content and everything youve built?

    Comment by jmcdonald1817 2/28/2018 9:53AM
    Find a good roster and download it. This will give you the ability to still play the cpu outside of DD with your team, but unable to play another person outside of play now (play now sucks though as the other person sees what you are pitching, and you can't use a downloaded roster).

    over 2 years ago