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  • AGBandit posted a comment on Bye Bye Online Franchise

    no more rage quitting users, ... no more totally unrealistic trades, hours of wasted time. 

    Comment by Antdog1080 3/ 5/2018 7:31PM

    Obviously, you're playing in the wrong leagues.  Or with a little research I'd bet dollars to donuts that you're the exact type of lobby trash talent that ONLY shady leagues would accept.  Think about it.

    Myself and many, many others didn’t have to pay an extra dime to have a good team. We EARNED our players.

    I agree with Qeltar_... dumping extra hours unlocking Diamonds doesn't make you any better than those that dumped extra $$$ into the game.   I only spend 3-4 hrs. PER WEEK into this game enjoying my Online Franchise while you're probably spending 3-4 hrs. PER DAY on DD game mode alone.  It's your time and I respect that... spend it how you like.  But once you boast on it, you're quality of life deserves to be mocked, plain and simple.

    Enjoy playing The crapfest that is MLB 17 the show

    Yeah it used to be... because we had to share it with you... but now that you're gone... WOOHOO!

    I take it by your silence that it just confirms everything we're saying is true.

    But if you lash out in a predictable childish manner, our case will be closed.

    The ONLY way you come out of this with any shred of decency is if you swallow your pride and apologize... do that, and you'll find a lot more respect come your way.

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Petition To Developers: Please Keep MLB 17 Servers running through 2018!!

    I can attest to having seen TimSox860 on these forums for as long as I have been here.  We too at the Late-Night League have been 10 years running as well and do appreciate SDS leaving Online Franchise active for MLB The Show 17 as our 16 members get to run one last 40-game season this year.

    Thank you & Sincerely,


    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Why SDS?


    While I do agree that stripping away a mode is not right for those of you that play online franchise, I would strongly urge you to try diamond dynasty if you have never played the mode.  I was a strictly offline franchise player until last year...when I gave diamond dynasty a go...and let me tell the mode absolutely rocks.  So...if you have never given it a try, do yourself a favor and give diamond dynasty a look...I would be shocked if you didn't come out of it saying "man...I wish I would have tried this sooner."  

    Comment by Akhenaten1313 3/ 3/2018 6:00AM

    As a long time Online Franchiser... Tried it.  Have an above avg. record at it. And the verdict?  NOT as good as Online Franchise.  


    1. You can vet members on OF, DD matches you against randoms.
    2. A well ran OF has potential of consisting of members of similar skill levels, while DD players can be way above or below your skill.
    3. OF teams are dependent on the used rosters or rosters you draft, DD teams can be OP'd thanks to how much time you grind or $$$ you spend.
    4. in OF you know and plan for the opposing starting pitcher, not in DD.
    5. OF can be regulated by house rules... DD is a free reign of lobby trash players and quitters.
    6. OF keeps track of seasonal stats and league leaders, DD focuses on W/L only with little reason to highlight other stats.

    These are just a few of the reasons I can recall from memory.  But don't get me wrong, if I had a teenager mentality of needing instant gratification under an hour coupled with the superiority complex of intimidating your opponent with diamond packed rosters.... then I can see the draw of DD.  But not to us baseball purists. 

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Why SDS?

    Good, maybe next year they can take out rtts too. I want DD and only DD. I can't wait until they change the name in 3 years to "MLB the DD 2021" every other mode takes away from the greatness that is diamond dynasty. 

    Comment by bradphil87 3/ 2/2018 8:19PM

    Proof of how Millennials are improving the future of sports gaming!  And how they have ZERO concept of online sarcasm.

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on MLB 18 online franchise

    Signed.  As well as HUNDREDS of others.  The naysayers are missing the point.  They ASSUME this is about brats crying boycott to get our way. 


    It's about hard working adults standing up for principles of game developers providing a service that's long been expected AND paid for.  We the people are taking a stand to let our voices be heard and not ignored. This is soft tyranny and the only way for it to succeed is for good men to do nothing. 

    "They came and took away online franchise, and I did nothing because I don't play that stupid mode... they came and took away online vs. and I didn't care because nobody plays that mode,... they came and took away the Challenge of the Weeks and I didn't care because nobody ever wins at that anyways... then they finally came and took my Diamond Dynasty away and no one was left to speak up for me."


    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Hey Online Franchise Users

    So those of us franchise players that keep 17 to play Online AND still buy 18 isn't really sending SDS any message but "yes, you own us and our wallets".

    For SDS to really listen, we (the OF enthusiasts) need to skip a year, plain and simple.  

    Week 1 Sales for The Show 16: 176,574 units

    Week 1 Sales for The Show 17: 456,855 units

    Let's band together and make a goal of just 125,000 units for week 1 Sales of 2018.

    THAT'S the ONLY language SDS speaks... money.

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Online Franchise and MLB The Show 18

    The LATE NIGHT LEAGUE and it's 16 members have officially decided to take a stand against SDS.  We will be cancelling our MLB The Show 18 Preorders and instead will be creating a new franchise season using OSFM 18 rosters to download on MLB The Show 17.  

    May we the fans of Online Franchise NEVER be treated as second class citizens ever again!

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on The Official LATE-NIGHT LEAGUE (Year 3 on PS4)

    Tried contacting you DetFan1984, but your PSN settings currently block outside messages to you.

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Any friendly, competitive, well-ran leagues?

    Yeah if you're also looking for a league that throws a certain percentage of strikes and doesn't allow runners to head back on steal attempts then don't bother. The rules are that there are no rules so if that's an issue for you, I have no sympathy.

    Comment by DankasaurusDAK 2/26/2018 12:17PM

    I will NOT speak ill of any other league because 1) I have ZERO experience in playing in other leagues and 2) I have nothing BUT respect for someone willing to put up with all of the management, politics, and time running a league demands... having done so 10 yrs. myself.

    With that said, I first tried to run a "rules free" or "limited rules" league the first 2 yrs. because "screw the man" and "freedom" and "America, F*ck Yeah!".  But then quickly realized that nature abhors a vacuum.  You create a rules free league and it only draws lawlessness as every immature win-at-all-cost teen shows up in your league and soon you look bad supporting "lobby trash" into your league.  There's no such thing as a Utopia Drama Free League if some sort of "league or house" rules aren't present. 

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that a league must be run with an iron fist by a dictator to be good.  It MUST have it's checks and balances from a core of trusted members to find that special balance between necessary rules to keep games civil and not too many rules that ruin the fun and realism of the game.  

    As for specifics, I personally believe pitching a majority of balls or running back to 1st on attempted steals isn't illegal per se as I see it happen in baseball all the time.  But more than that, there are already counter measures in place such as taking pitches and throwing to 1st.  That'll cut that crap down real fast.

    over 1 year ago

  • AGBandit posted a comment on Any friendly, competitive, well-ran leagues?

    Tried-out for your guy, he was very upset when I did not want to continue a game where he was trying to throw guys out at 1B from RF. 

    "Do y'all typically try to throw out at 1B?"

    "Yeah, why not?" was his response.

    I replied "I'm good"

    He quite the game and messaged back:

    "that's ok, you suck anyway" was 3-2.

    so there you go...anyone actually running a sim league? Or is there a commissioner who doesn't lack functional social skills?

    Comment by RadarRider 2/23/2018 10:53PM

    Full Disclosure... I personally have no problem with the 9-3 (and neither does my league), and our reasoning is simple... because it happens IRL and it's baseball.   The caveat however is that there's a tact involved in it's implementation... meaning it should be treated as someone who bunts and steals with a 4-run lead... classless.  Fortunately, SDS made changes from '16 to '17 to keep the 1st Baseman off the bag when the RF throws over... but truth be told, I was glad to see I was STILL able to execute the 9-3 no more than twice all of last year in my 40-game season.

    Long Story Short: 9-3 allowed? Yes... but NOT when leading by 4 or more runs in a game.

    over 1 year ago