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Advantage: Pitchers Event

Welcome to the Advantage: Pitchers Event!

START: Friday, July 28 | 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT
END: Monday, August 7 | 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT
DIFFICULTY: All-Star; Online head-to-head
INNINGS: 6 per-game

The newest Diamond Dynasty event in The Show 17 will be the Advantage: Pitchers Event. Assemble a team of hitters who have 50 Vision or below and any pitchers you want.

The event allows Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Common tier players, and your team overall can go as high as 85 OVR.


All Events are free to enter. 


Events have their own dedicated lineup, but only player items from your Inventory are eligible.

This Event requires hitters with a Vision attribute of 50 or below. In addition, the minimum overall for any player is 60 OVR. This is the first time an Event included an OVR floor to challenge your teambuilding skills. 

Press Triangle on a player item in your Inventory, Community Market or Ticket Counter to view the attributes. All-Star Flashback Matt Kemp qualifies for this Event because he has 46 Vision.

You can filter the Community Market on by position and for specific attributes. Click on the “Additional Filters” dropdown to find the Vision attribute. In the example below, we filtered for first basemen with Vision less than 51.


The Advantage: Pitchers Event consists of only 6-inning games.


The reward system is similar to Battle Royale in Diamond Dynasty where you collect rewards as you pass win milestones.


If you win 3, 6, 9 or 12 games before double elimination, you can earn one of these rewards in a single Event entry:

  • 12 WINS PER ENTRY: Hardware Flashback Ryan Braun (Diamond, 92 OVR 3B)
  • 9 WINS PER ENTRY: Rookie Legend Roy Oswalt (Gold, 89 OVR Starting Pitcher)
  • 6 WINS PER ENTRY: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 3 WINS PER ENTRY: Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player

Q: Do I have to win 12 games-in-a-row without losing to get these rewards?
A: No. Similar to Battle Royale, you can earn the 12-win reward even if you lose once during the entry. Your record would be 12-1. Your wins per entry only resets after losing twice.

Q: If I win 12 games in the same Event entry, do I collect all of the 3, 6, 9, and 12-win rewards?
A: Yes.


You can earn these rewards for piling up wins while the Event is open:

  • 40 WINS CUMULATIVE: Hardware Flashback Jake Arrieta (Diamond, 99 OVR Starting Pitcher)
  • 25 WINS CUMULATIVE: Impact Veteran Legend Eddie Murray (Diamond, 93 OVR 1B)
  • 10 WINS CUMULATIVE: Guaranteed Gold Live Series Player
  • 5 WINS CUMULATIVE: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player


Two losses eliminates your current lineup entry from the Event, but you can re-enter for free right away with any lineup that meets the Event requirements. The benefit of double elimination is the opportunity to rebuild your team if you want to swap out players.

Q: If I lose two games and my current lineup is eliminated from the Event, does it reset my Cumulative Wins?
A: No, the Cumulative Wins will continue to track until the end of the Event.

Best of luck!