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The Show 17 Make Good and Server Update

We take pride in developing and delivering an excellent gaming experience every year for our fans. This year is no different. Unfortunately, we’re less than happy with unexpected server issues that have accompanied the launch of MLB The Show 17 and know you are too – for this we apologize.

We’ve been working without pause to address a number of server and gameplay issues to restore the online experience we had hoped to achieve at launch. Some of these changes have been made visible to our community in the form of patches and in-game messages, while other upgrades haven’t been publicized, in the form of back end server updates.

We’re pleased to report that these updates have made great strides to address the main issues related to online gameplay and have led to an improved gameplay experience for our fans.

As a token of apology, as well as a thank you to our dedicated community for helping us identify these issues and for your patience as we’ve worked to address them, we are extending a make good to anyone who meets the criteria outlined below.

Every PSN ID which played The Show 17 between 3/28 at 12:01 am PT and May 11 at 1:00pm PT, will receive 10 Standard Packs and 11,000 Stubs automatically added to their account.  Please note that the make good will be deployed into all effected users account within a week.

Once again, we want to thank you for your passion and loyalty.

We’ll see you on the diamond!

The Show Dev Team


  • over 3 years ago

    thank you so much. i know the community haas not been the happiest group of people during this time but a full explanation was all we wanted. 

  • over 3 years ago

    Yay, another useless 50 common and bronze players. Just like when i preordered this atrocity of a game. Hey, why dont you give out 1 random diamond player and 1 random diamond equip and keep your 11k and packs.

  • over 3 years ago

    Much appreciated!  I know many are frustrated, but the majority is very happy with the game, myself included.  No game is going to be perfect, but unfortunately, the people who think everything should be perfect are going to be the ones yelling the loudest while the rest of us sit back and enjoy playing the game.  Keep up the great work of putting out one of the best games of any console year in and year out!

  • over 3 years ago

    Damn people unappreciative wtf u just got free packs and stubs and your mad? Every single game has problems and this a small compnay, they have dealt with this greatly with not a lot of people able to work on it. Good job SDS keep it up.