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MLB The Show 18

  1. How do I get the All Rise Edition Hat?

    The Limited Edition New Era Hat comes exclusively with pre-orders from GameStop.

  2. What are Starter Players and what’s in the Lead Off Pack?

    Both will help get your Diamond Dynasty team rolling fast in ‘18, and we will reveal more about specific content as we move closer to launch in March 2018.

  3. What is First Pitch Weekend and when does it start?

    Pre-order at GameStop or the PlayStation Store and get Early Access to the game with First Pitch Weekend. With this, you’ll be able to pick up or download your copy on March 23, a full four days before the regular release on March 27.

  4. Will the servers be online during First Pitch Weekend (early access)?

    Yes. The servers will be fully playable at the start of Early Access. This also includes the Market.

  5. Will I have my pre-order bonuses at the start of First Pitch Weekend (early access)?

    Pre-order bonuses will be redeemable in-game at the start of Early Access.

  6. Will I be able to pre-load MLB The Show 18 before First Pitch Weekend (early access)?

    Everyone who pre-ordered will be able to pre-load the game 48 hours before the start of early access. This includes regions where the pre-order is available to purchase: North America, Europe, and Australia.

General Menu, Scoring and Attributes

  1. What is the Green/Yellow/Red letter P next to names in the game rooms?

    This is your ping (connection speed). It’s a rough estimate of how good the connection is. Green is good, Yellow is ok, and Red is bad. The worse the connection speed, the more likely you will see lag or other problems in game.

  2. How do I change from Rookie to Veteran Status?

    You change your status by playing rated games via “Play Now” and increasing your rank. Basically, the more you win the higher your status will go.

  3. What can I get in a Standard Pack?

    Standard packs come with 6 player cards and 2 item cards. Cards of all rarity are available in Standard Packs, at different drop rates (Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond). Diamond cards being extremely rare to find. Not all cards are available in Standard packs. Some cards are exclusive to Battle Royale, some cards are exclusive to Conquest. Regarding Legend and Flashback cards, some of them are available in Standard packs, but it’s rare and it’s not all of them. It’s only a small list of Legends and Flashback players available in Standard packs.


  1. What to do when you just started a game and you're stuck in an exhibition game?

    During the game's download and installation process, you are able to play an exhibition game consisting of Kansas City Royal vs the New York Mets. This download and installing process can be quite lengthy (possibly over 5 hours).

Shop, Pre-Orders, Vouchers, Packs, Stubs

  1. Where are my Digital Deluxe and MVP Edition entitlements?

    To access your exclusive pre-order bonuses, visit the Quick Menu (Touchpad/Select Button) > Show Shop > Purchase or Redeem option; or Main Menu > My Locker > Show Shop > Purchase or Redeem. There will be a list of available products.

  2. My digital download progress has stopped. What can I do?

    • Press the PlayStation button on your controller
    • Navigate to Notifications
    • Navigate to Downloads
    • Find MLB The Show 17 download progress
    • Pause, and then resume the download
    • If that fails, restart your console.

  3. Where do I enter my pre-order codes?

    • Press the Playstation button on your controller
    • Navigate to the Playstation Store
    • Scroll down and select 'Redeem Codes'
    • Once that's done:
    • Go to the Main Menu
    • Navigate to the Quick Menu by pressing the touch pad button
    • Enter the 'Show Shop'
    • Select to 'Purchase or Redeem' and you should be able to redeem your items
    • Return to main menu and select 'My Locker'
    • Select 'Inventory'
    • Select 'Open Packs' and your redeemed packs should be found there.

  4. My pre-order packs aren't showing up. Why?


    • To access your exclusive pre-order packs or other entitlements, visit the Quick Menu (Touchpad/Select Button) > Show Shop > Purchase or Redeem option; or Main Menu > My Locker > Show Shop > Purchase or Redeem. There will be a list of available products.


    • Go to
    • Click the Stubs icon in the top right of the website, next to your username
    • Press the blue button that says Redeem
    • Now, back in MLB The Show 17, go into your inventory, and everything you have redeemed should be in your 'open packs' menu.

  5. I purchased the Digital Deluxe edition but I only have 1 Opening Day pack?

    Go to the PSN store, and press the redeem button three separate times.

  6. Someone is offering Stubs for sale on their social media page or other online store for a great price. Is this legitimate? Should I consider?

    No, never. It may seem like a good way to get Stubs for a great price, but it usually ends up with you getting ripped off. Since we’ve started selling Stubs in-game, users have tried to take advantage of other user in the community by selling Stubs through online store, promoting them via social media, and using online pay sites or asking that you give them PSN voucher codes. There is no protection from these users just taking your money or voucher, giving you nothing in return. It’s also a violation of our End User License Agreement.

Diamond Dynasty

  1. Why is my Diamond Dynasty Win/Loss record incorrect when in a game/during gameplay?

    Some of you may notice that your Win/Loss record is incorrect when you have a LOT of wins or losses. This shows up during the opening game presentation, when both team records are shown. This occurs once you (or any user) reaches the 256 mark in wins or losses. Once 256 is reached, the number wraps. Meaning if you have 277 wins, you will see 21 (277-256=21). This is a visual bug, which fortunately doesn’t affect standings, match-making or game balancing. The Standings leaderboard displays team records correctly. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. How often can I receive the Conquest completion reward?

    Earn a 10-pack Standard Pack bundle each time you complete the Conquest map (every hexagon) up to a maximum of five times. Conquest Part II unlocks after all of the original Command and Conquer Missions are complete. Conquest Part II rewards include new Flashbacks with MVP Joe Mauer (Diamond, 99 OVR Catcher).

Challenge of the Week

  1. I won the Challenge of the Week! Who will be contacting me regarding the prizes?

    TheShowBaseball will be the one contacting you through PSN - no one else. If you get contacted by someone who is NOT TheShowBaseball, please email and alert immediately.

Issues and Feedback

  1. How do I post an issue, get support or ask a question on

    If you've run into the issue in MLB The Show, please first take a look at the Bug Reports section to see if a similar issue has been reported and replied to. Many items have been reported and responded to in these Bug Reports.

  2. I was banned. Can I make another account and contact someone about it?

    No - Do not make another account to circumvent moderator activity. Doing so may put you in a worse situation! If you want to talk to someone about your ban, please email and provide the information you feel is necessary.

  3. I think I found someone who is cheating. Should I post about it here on the forums?

    No. We ask that you do not post about it here on the forums. If you suspect someone of cheating, please email with your information and we'll look into it.

  4. Can I private message a developer?

    Yes, but developers are very busy - Don’t take it personal if you don't hear back! You might have better luck contacting someone from the Community team, instead. You can find a list of all the community team members and developers who have a presence on the forums here.

  5. Does the community team work at San Diego Studios with the Developers?

    Yes. We’re all one big happy family here. And when the community team is not lurking on the forums we’re cheerfully engaged elsewhere, helping improve The Show in any way we possibly can.

  6. Who do I contact if I have an issue that’s non game related (for example: PS4 system errors, PlayStation® Store issues, entitlement redemption issues, etc…)

    Please use the support contact for your correct location below:


  1. How do I get the EULA and the COTW T.O.S. to show up again?

    By purchasing MLB The Show, you have accepted the terms within the End User License Agreement (EULA).  The latest EULA can be found here for review. The COTW T.O.S. will appear if a new prize is featured.



  1. What can get my account suspended or banned?

    • Harassment
    • Trolling
    • Insulting
    • Spamming
    • Cheating
    • Abusing exploits
    • Spamming
    • Hostage situations or Griefing
    • Manipulating marketplace transactions (this can include transferring stubs from one account to another)
    • Offensive or inappropriate Diamond Dynasty team names and logos
    • Selling or buying of in-game currency for real world currency

    By participating in any of the points listed above, you are not only ruining the enjoyment of other players but also compromising a fair and balanced game play environment that we here at San Diego Studio are committed to maintain. This is unacceptable, and suspensions or bans are non-negotiable.

    If your account was suspended or banned and you wish to inquire further, please contact with the details and be sure to include your PSN ID.

  2. How do I report a cheater?

    Aside from using the in-game report tools, you may also email with the details. Videos and screenshots are very helpful, so if it is possible please include them. Know that you will not likely get a response. This doesn't mean you're being ignored, but rather we are not obligated to speak openly about user account suspension/bans. Also remember not everyone who disconnects, freezes, or 'lags' is cheating. Connection 'strength' depends on a lot of variables, and sometimes those variables don't all align.


  1. Where can I view the manual?

    You can view them here.